Rules of Engagement.

  1. Purpose

    The Rules of Engagement for Taccor Gaming servers have been established to ensure that all gamers have a safe and enjoyable experience on our servers. In general, common sense should be your guide so we’re going to try keep it short and sweet so you can get on with the reason you’re here: to game! If you have any issues or concerns with The Rules of Engagement, Please e-mail

  2. Scope

    The Taccor Gaming service includes:

    Therefore the ROE applies to all text, in-game names, voice, images and gestures on these services.

  3. Register for Taccor Gaming

    Taccor Gaming is a public community and everyone is welcome to sign up to be a part of it. There are a few terms and conditions to signing up, they are:

    Minimum age requirement: 15 for free sign up and if you are under the age of 15 your sign up will only be made possible via invitation by staff.

  4. Probation period

    All new signed up individuals will be on a probation period lasting 7-14 days, whereafter a senior moderator, admin or director will remove it and assign official TcR tags. Subject to the individual adhered to rules and regulations of Taccor Gaming.

  5. Cheating

    Taccor Gaming has a zero tolerance stance on cheating! Cheaters are removed permanently and there are no excuses or second chances. We make use of anti cheat technology and the keen eye of our game administrators and players. Cheaters will be caught!

    If you suspect a player is cheating (or violating the R.O.E), take a screenshot and record a demo and send it in to We appreciate the community’s help in assisting us in removing cheaters and R.O.E violators.

  6. Interactions with other players

    Taccor Gaming strives to cater for gamers of all kinds, from the first time gamer to the addicts, the casual gamer to the competitive gamer. Players of varying cultures, races, beliefs, genders, and ages will be your team mates or opponents. Treat everyone with respect.

    • Discrimination: You may not single out or make a player feel unwelcome based on age, gender, beliefs or perceived skill.
    • Harassment: You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player.
    • Cyber Bullying: There is a zero tolerance policy regarding cyber bullying, whether slight or severe. Action will be taken immediately.
    • SPAM: You may not monopolize the voice channels or text channels. When using voice, please set your transmit thresholds reasonably or use push-to-talk as to not continentally transmit. Game actions which trigger speech should be used sparingly. If you wish to have general discussion with a friend, do so on Team Speak or Skype.
    • Disruption: You may not disrupt the experience of other gamers. Wounding, damaging, blocking, hindering your team mates deliberately is not allowed.
    • Offending others: You may not use language or imagery that is sexually explicit, vulgar or religiously offensive. This also includes links to pornographic, racially biased or socially unacceptable content of any kind.
    • Exploits: You may not exploit any game bugs to gain an unfair advantage.
    • Circumvention: You may not attempt to circumvent any systems or settings on any of the game services. This includes swear filters, rate enforcement tools, spray blockers, anti cheat and team balancers.
    • Impersonation: You may not impersonate a Taccor Gaming staff member or copy the nickname/alias/team name of another player.
    • Accusations of cheating: You may not accuse another player of cheating on the game servers. If you suspect a player is cheating, record a demo, take screenshots of his player ID and the offence and submit it to the admins.
    • Unsporting behavior: While some players play to win and others simply play for fun we generally expect players to try completing the game objectives in team games.
    • Terminology: Gamers make use of certain terms which may be generally offensive out of context. Please use these terms sparingly. Examples : WTF noob etc.
    • Statistics manipulation: Deliberately manipulating the statistics to gain a better score or achievement is not allowed.
    • Team Stacking: We know that gamers like to play with their friends and clan mates on their side, but stacking a team in such a way that the make it impossible for the other team is frowned upon.
    • Voice Changers: The use of voice changers is prohibited when it disrupts channels or displeases members, visitors and staff.
    • Ghosting: You may not tell anyone where a player is or what he is doing when you’re spectating dead on public servers. This gives an unfair advantage. It is possible for the admins to see who is sharing an internet connection and suspected ghosters (screen watchers) may be kicked or banned.
    • Privacy: You may not disclose any personal information about any other players either in game, IRC or on the forums.
    • Music: No music will be played in the channels without confirming with a staff member.
  7. Game Maturity Ratings

    Taccor Gaming hosts games which have various maturity ratings. This is not an excuse to break the rules of engagement as the acceptable language and behavior rules are applied equally to all games.

  8. General Advice

    Although these are not really rules we can enforce please be aware of the following:

    • Antivirus and antispyware: Install a good antivirus and antispyware application as your account may be compromised by malicious software.
    • Account: If you loan your account to your brother or the milkman and it gets banned for some reason the ban will not be lifted because your account is your responsibility.
    • Third party tools: Be very careful which third party tools you install on your system. Trainers and cheats even for single player mode may get picked up as cheats and affect your game account.
    • Skins and mods: Be very careful when installing skins or mods. Some skin packs may modify game content and gets detected as a cheat.
    • Drivers: The latest drivers usually are the best bet for a faster game experience.
    • Privacy: Making use of your real name in game is not advisable. Mentioning another player’s real name in game is also not advisable.
  9. Bans

    Taccor Gaming has appointed volunteer staff members from the gaming community and may make use of automated systems such as rate enforcers, anti cheat tools, swear filters and logging. Staff members enforce the rules but may at their discretion make a request to which players must comply. Bans may be affected against your player name, unique account ID, IP or MAC address.

  10. Appeals

    Players may query their ban or appeal against a ban by contacting the support staff by emailing:

    The Directors/Admins may change the length of a ban. The Directors/Admins decision is final.

  11. Disciplinary action

    When breaking ROE there may be no warning and you may simply be kicked or banned for up to two (2) hours.

    In the event of getting a warning tag assigned to you, it will be logged by staff and remain on your profile for a minimum of seven (7) days. If you do not commit any other offenses during your warned period, an admin or senior moderator may remove the tag.

    If you commit an offence while warned, a two hour ban will be issued against you and you will be issued with the Final warning tag. Final warning may be downgraded to a warning after seven “offence free” days. If you commit an offence whilst a final warning has been issued to you, the actions that will be taken are listed below: (Excludes cheating, cheating results in immediate removal from Taccor Gaming) Harassment (Text or Voice)

      • 1st Offence-  1 day
      • 2nd Offence- 1 week
      • 3rd Offence- permanent ban from ALL Taccor Gaming Servers.

    Accusations or disruption

      • 1st Offence-  1 day
      • 2nd Offence- 1 week
      • 3rd Offence- permanent ban from ALL Taccor Gaming Servers.


      • 1st Offence-  1 day
      • 2nd Offence- 1 week
      • 3rd Offence- permanent ban from ALL Taccor Gaming Servers.


      • 1st Offense – PERMANENT
  12. Summary

    Most of the rules are common sense and behavior that is generally socially acceptable in real life. With the variety of player profiles always remember that your actions are seen by others. We want everyone to have fun and we want to cater for beginners and professionals alike.

  13. Disclaimer

    Taccor Gaming reserves the right to change, modify, amend, adapt, discontinue the gaming service or rules of engagement without notice. Furthermore we reserve the right to deny the use of any of the services to anyone at the discretion of the Games Master or appointed representatives.

    No personal information will be disclosed to third parties, however our servers may transmit your game ID and game performance data to statistic or authentication servers.

    We hope you enjoy your experience on our servers. Good luck and have fun!

Taccor Gaming Staff Team

Updated: 10 January 2016